First Time #1 Songs |
The Guardians,

Gaither Vocal Band

“Present In The Presence Of The King”

“I Will Go On” Song of the Year

Karen Peck and New River “Four Days Late” Song of the Year
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound QT “Do You Want To Be Forgiven”
Tony Gore & Majesty “Meanwhile In The Garden”
The Wilburns “Resting Place”
Other Chart Topping Songs
Jason Crabb

The Perrys

The Booth Brothers

“Mysterious Ways”

“If You Knew Him, Like I Know Him”

“Welcome to the Family”




The Booth Brothers “What Salvation’s Done for Me” #1
Karen Peck & New River “Hold Me While I Cry” #1
Karen Peck & New River “Last Night” #1
Karen Peck & New River “Hey” #1
Karen Peck & New River “Whispered Prayers” #1
Karen Peck & New River “I Want to Thank You” #1
Greater Vision “I Want to Know that You Know” Top 5
The Perrys “The Potter Knows the Clay” Top 5
Legacy Five “Hello After Goodbye” Top 10
Mark Trammell Trio “Loving the Lamb” Top 10
The Browders “Waitin’ On My Change” Top 10
Legacy Five “Strike Up the Band” Top 5
Gaither Vocal Band “Give It Away” Top 5
Gaither Vocal Band “I Will Go On” #1
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound “Do You Want To Be Forgiven” #1
Gaither Vocal Band “Can’t Stop Talking About Him” Top 5
Hope’s Call “Singing Heaven’s Song” Top 10
The Isaacs “Friend Till The End” Top 10
Gaither Vocal Band “A Picture Of Grace” #1
Mark Lowry “Jesus Laughing,” Top 10
Gaither Vocal Band “Low Down The Chariot,” Top 10
Michael Combs You’ll See,” Top 10
Hope’s Call “Halfway,” Top 40
Jeff & Sheri Easter “No Matter How Far,” Top 20
The Steeles “New Name,” Top 15
The Isaacs “Heroes,” Top 15
Michael Combs “American Christian,” Top 40
The Steeles “God’s Cemetery,” Top 20
Tony Gore “Walk A Little Farther, Top 20
Mark Lowry “I Call Him Lord,” Top 30
Dottie Rambo “We Weathered The Storms,” Top 40
The Wilburns “We Will Stand,” Top 15
Michael Combs “It Was Me,” Top 5
The Wilburns Death Valley Days,” Top 20
Tony Gore “I Don’t Know How They Make It,” Top 20
Jeff & Sheri Easter “Learn To Love Again,” Top 15
Michael Combs “I Came Here To Praise The Lord,” Top 10
Randy Travis “Rise & Shine,” Top 20
The Greenes “In The Morning Light,” Top 10
Michael Combs “You’re Invited To My Mansion,” Top 10
Randy Travis “Three Wooden Crosses,” Top 20
The Steeles “Who’s At The Door,” Top 10
Tony Gore “I Will,” Top 10
Gaither Vocal Band “Knowing You’ll Be There,” Top 10
Jeff & Sheri Easter “My County,” Top 40
The Wilburns “Campmeeting Fire,” Top 20
Tony Gore “Oh How The Sun Does Shine,” Top 15
The Greenes “He Has The Scars,” Top 20
Signature Sound Quartet “I Have Seen The Lord,” Top 20
Signature Sound Quartet “Old Time Christian Way #8
Gaither Vocal Band “I’m Gonna Sing” #4
Paid In Full “Sailing Toward Home” #23
Steeles “By Grace Through Faith” #12
Tony Gore & Majesty “Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord” #1
Tony Gore & Majesty “Teardrops” #1
The Steeles “Jesus Buried My Past” #4
The Singing Echoes “Somebody’s Here” #14
The Wilburns “That’s My Boy” #21
The Browders “Mom And Dad Raised Me Right” #22
The Galloways “Restore Me One More Time” Top 40
Michael Combs “Not For Sale #1
Karen Peck & New River “Four Days Late” #1
Jeff & Sheri Easter “Praise His Name” #2
Tony Gore & Majesty “Prodigal” #2
Gaither Vocal Band “God Is Good” #6
The Freemans “Children of The Dust” #2
The Crabb Family “Trail Of Tears” #1
Tony Gore & Majesty “Watch & See” #5
Jeff & Sheri Easter “Tavern to a Temple #7
Tony Gore & Majesty “I Believe It All” #5
The Hoppers “Forever Settled” #7
Steve Lacey Trio “I Still Believe” #22
Michael Combs “They’ll Never Take Jesus…” #9
Ivan Parker “Jesus Has His Hand On Me” #15
Heaven Bound “You Gotta Live Today” #7
N’Harmony “I’m Glad I Know..” T20
Malachi “The Lamb Found Me” #25
Jeff & Sheri Easter “Morning’s Coming” #10
Heirline “He’s Alive” #14
Tony Gore & Majesty “Covered In Red” #26
The Wilburns “Out of The Dust” Top 10
Paid In Full “Walkin’ & Talkin’ With Jesus” #43
Greater Vision “Spirit Of Brokeness” Top 40
Heaven Bound “I’ll Not Be Moved” #28
The Shepherds “God Will Never…” Top 40
First Time Top 40 & Top 80 Songs

Watts, Rowsey & Bean
“Turn Your Radio On”
Hope’s Journey
“Listen To My Heart”
The Littles
“I Know”
The Woodsmen Quartet
“I Keep Coming Back To   The Cross”
“I Came To Get My  Blessing”
Guardians Quartet
“Voice Of Falling Tears”
 Men Of Faith
River Town Boys
“He Know”
“I Am Going Home”
Amazed “Even on Monday”
Crystal River “I’m Here Because Jesus Went There”
Vertical Praise “God’s Got A Plan”
The Barrett Family “I’ll Get My Reward”
Vertical Praise “With My Own Eyes”
Perfect Grace “Shouting Victory”
Leon Joplin “Heaven Heard”
Heaven Sent “Don’t You Be Surprised”
The Kirklands “God Knows”
Soul’d Out Quartet “That’s Where I’m Going”
Mercy’s Well “Heaven, It Won’t Be Long”
The Faulk Trio “That Must Be Jesus”
The Shaffers Calvary Change My Destiny”
The Dills “Oh What A Beautiful City”
The Beene Family “In The Father’s Hands”
The Parker Trio “”Free Indeed”
The Dunaways “Beautiful Day”
The Standifers “Forgiven”
Lisa Daggs-Charette “God Delivers”
Lynda Randle “His Eye Is On The Sparrow”
New Voice Quartet “Old Campmeeting Style”
The Praters “That’s God’s Job”
Hope’s Call “No Trouble At All”
Russ Taff “I’ve Been Born Again”
Old Friends Quartet “I Wanna Know”
New Speer Revival “I Can Call Jesus Anytime”
Randy Travis “Rise & Shine”
Soul Real “The Crying Tree Of Mercy”
Anthony Burger “What A Savior Medley”
New Desire “I’m Moving Forward”
Safe Harbor “Joy Comes In The Morning”
Stedfast “A Rock And A Hard Place”
Brothers In Christ “Let The Blood Speak For Me”
The Praisemasters “Jesus The Answer”
Malachi “The Lamb Did Rise”
Paid In Full “I Could Sing About Heaven”
Testify “He’s Still Keeping Me”
Second Mile “In Your Hands”
Day Three “Here and Now”
The Edward Family “Heaven Just Over the Hill”
Pine Ridge Boys “Roll On Jordan
The Pathfinders “The Glory Goes To You”
Big Country Boys “Happy Millionaire”
Steve Lacey Trio “Down On My Knees”
The Bledsoes “Heaven Will Be Worth Waiting For”
Mercy River Boys “The Ship Will Not Go Down”
Reggie Saddler Family “Now That I’m Saved”
Andy Bryan “If You Died Tonight”
Higher Power Secret Place
Jim Chancy “I’m Ready Anytime”
Jerry & Tammy Sullivan “Tomorrow”
Doyle Lawson Quicksilver “Nothing Can Touch Me”
The Laymen “Strike The Rock
The Browders No Place To Quit Or Turn Around”
The Regents “Great Day In The Morning”
Sweatman Family “I’ll Be A Testimony”
The Masseys “Victory Party
Heart 2 Heart “Spirit Of The Main Guest”
Kristian Booth “He Was Always There”
Randy Stalls “I Believe In Children”
A Little South of Heaven “Homesick For Heaven”