Watts, Rowsey & Bean Hit’s The Top 20

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Another Hit for The Perrys

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Welcome The Steeles Back To Radio!

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Drummond Family Scores 2nd Top 80 Hit!

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Jeff & Sheri Easter Goes Top 10!

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Emmaus Road Quartet Hit’s The Singing News Top 80

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Watts, Rowsey & Bean, Scores First Top 80

Heritage Communications Is Pleased To Annouce The First Top 80 Song for Watts, Rowsey & Bean

Daywind and Heritage Communications proudly announces the debut release of Nicole Watts Jenkins, John Darin Rowsey and Gina Bean collectively known as Watts, Rowsey & Bean.  These solo artists have combined their efforts to write and record a song specifically designed to honor southern gospel radio.  The new song is called “Turn Your Radio On” and is a lively tune with incredible harmonies and high energy lyrics.  Rowsey states, “The internet is a great tool and iTunes and other technology have become a staple.  But we were raised on southern gospel music on the radio.  And there’s nothing like rolling down the windows in your car and turning up the radio with a great gospel song on a warm summer day.”  Watts, Rowsey & Bean have a fresh new sound that is sure to strike a chord with audiences everywhere.  Southern Gospel is the music they love, live, write and will continue to sing.

Their Single, “Turn Your Radio On,” Is Currently At

 # 52 In The Singing News


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Hope’s Journey Hits The Top 80 On Their FIRST Release With Heritage Communications

Heritage Communications is pleased to announce the FIRST Top 80 song for Hope’s Journey.

Hope’s Journey Ministries is a non-denominational ministry founded on the truths taught in God’s Word. We are members of and our beliefs line up with the Baptist faith. However, we minister in churches and groups of all denominations as God opens doors for us to share His Word in song, testimony, teaching and other mediums.

 We believe that mankind is born in sin and in need of salvation. We believe that salvation is available only through the redemptive work of Christ at Calvary (John 3:16 , Ephesians 2:8-10). We believe that salvation is not a result of works, but results in works. We believe in the eternal security of the believer (John 10:28 -30).

 We believe that the life of Christ will bloom in fruitful works in the life of a true believer. We believe that God expects believers to live a life of obedient surrender to Him. We believe that God has a perfect, divine will for the life of each believer, and that His will is revealed to the believer in His Word. We believe that the life of a truly born again Christian will manifest the fruit of the Spirit.

Their single, “Listen To My Heart” Is Currently # 63 On

The Singing News Top 80 Chart!

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The Littles Hit The Singing News Top 80 On Their First Release

Heritage Communications is pleased to announce The Littles from Monroe, North Carolina has scored their first Top 80 song in the Singing News Magazine!

The Littles, of Monroe, NC, are quickly becoming a favorite among family groups in Christian music. Their progressive style of gospel music built around great arrangements, close family harmony, and strong vocals is sure to minister to audiences of all ages. Traveling predominately on a local level for the past five years, the Littles are currently expanding their ministry and now available to sing wherever opportunities present. They have recently completed their first recording for national release that also includes the first promotion to radio for the group. Whether in a church service or on a concert stage, the Littles are certain to encourage believers in their walk with Christ and challenge unbelievers to come to Him.

The Littles have a very clear mission that compels them – telling His story, singing His praise. Through the universal medium of music they strive to share the message of salvation in Christ alone while singing His praise for all His goodness. This mission is accomplished through revival services, concerts, and other special events that require heart felt gospel music.

Their single, “I Know” is currently at #48 in the Singing New Top 80!



The Woodsmen Quartet

The Woodsmen Quartet Hits The Singing News Top 80 Chart!

 Heritage Communication is pleased to annouce that The Woodsmen Quartet made the Singing News Top 80 chart for the first time in the groups history!

Driving down the road on a hot summer afternoon back in 2004, Tim Woods heard the voice of the Lord. He said it sounded like God was sitting right in the cab of my truck with me. In years past Tim, his four sisters and Mom traveled as the Singing Woods Family. As most families do, they got bigger and schedules get harder to work with so after 25 years of singing together the Singing Woods Family stopped. Tim started a successful trucking company but working lots of long hours in the process took his eyes off of what was important, Jesus Christ. Tim said that he let everything come between him and his relationship with God.

Years later Tim’s youngest sister was diagnosed with having brain tumor. It shook him to his very core. “My sister needed prayer and I could not pray for her until I prayed for myself.” as Tim voice breaks with emotion. So he got on his knees and prayed and asked he Lord to forgive him and to restore the joy of his salvation, and as Christ promises in His word, he did restore Tim.

Not long after he had rededicated his life to the Lord, Tim heard the voice of the Lord calling him back to the music ministry. God laid on his heart to put an all male quartet together. Through this ministry they could reach people’s hearts. Now some time has passed and the group looks and sounds different, the goal is still the same to uplift Christ, to show joy and love to bring honor to his Holy name

Full Speed ahead

The Woodsmen Quartet have been traveling and singing since Tim received his mesage. They have shared the platform with the best in gospel music, such as, The Gold City, The Kingsmen, Signature Sound, Dixie Melody Boys, and Dove Brothers, but most important to this ministry are the lives that have been touched— from a grandmother who needs a healing touch from the Master physician to a father who needs to rededicate his life to the Lord, to maybe a teenager who gave her life to the Lord at a Woodsmen Qt. concert. It all starts with a song. ♪

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